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Tableless Website Design Service

Now it is not important to use tables for design nor important to maintain several version of site with exclusively for different desktop browsers.

Tableless Web Design is a method of web design and development which restores the use of HTML table for page layout control process. Style sheet language such as CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) are used to manage elements and text on web page instead of HTML table’s (Cascading Style Sheet ) which is only used to improve web accessibility and to make HTML system semantic than presentational and it was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C). Initially many developers considered CSS as best, easier and powerful tool to use mainly for the way of formatting and considered the <FONT> tag obsolete.

Many website use CSS for text formatting only. Since 2006 the condition has improved for support of these newer features of CSS which has slowed the adoption of tables less web design.

In case if you are thinking to make the web site than you can choose Tableless Website Design which is very specific in nature. Tableless Website Design can help to solve your problem and can give opportunity to achieve your goal. In order to help you take these further please send in your requirements and we will get back to you with the solution

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