System Development

System Development Life Cycle

System development is a systematic approach of building a website using various cycles of the development phase. A though analysis and measurement of the feasibility and other resources are performed in the process which is used to enhance the quality of the website. Compete interaction between the client and the project manager is perform during the process which enables us to understand the requirement and needs of the customers and helps us build the application base on their needs. SDLC ensure that the customer gets cost effective way to build a website eliminating any unnecessary confusions during the process of the website development. The phase is divided into various parts which is describes as below:

Feasibility Study
The feasibility study is done to make sure the desired application by the customer can be achieved and if it can be competed than what other resources will be require for the completion.

The phase of analysis includes the determination of system requirement and consultation by the IT specialists who will determine the requirement of the system and resource required.

The user interface of the website is developed in this phase and the customer verifies the initial mockup of the website template.

Phase of Development includes deign and coding the website into physical system and integrating various databases and other programs required by the website.

Testing includes the process of analyzing the redundancy of the website based on customer’s requirements. Each and every aspect of the website is tested before it is sent live on the internet. This process eliminates ay risk and errors remain in the websites before it is delivered t the customers.

once the testing and verification is completed by the customer, the website is deployed on the web server for general masses.

We at [your website name] follow SDLC process to ensure the clients gets high quality website with no errors and can handle and deploy it efficiently with his own resources, We though provide a 90 guarantee on the applications delivered by us and ensure you get efficient support system whenever you require any help for deployment of future features ad services.

The SDLC also ensure that a complete approach is put to the website and each and every phase of the development is transparent to the client We do not use any free scripts or freeware to built the site which ensure that the client can have complete copyright of the website with himself.