PHP Development India

PHP Development India

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source, server –side web programming language which is frequently used for web development processes. The major feature of PHP is its ability to create high quality web based applications and programs with robust user interaction and high quality efficiency. Initially designed as a high level scripting language it is used as major programming language to design and produce dynamic web sites to cater large number of users. Though it is a server side scripting language but can be used to create high quality web sites and services.

Lately, PHP has grown its base as the major web development language because of its open source architecture and low cost running processes. Since it runs on Linux based operating system so the overall cost of developing programs in PHP can be reduced amazingly which decreases the cost of your end products.

What is MYSQL?

Mysql is an open source database management system that uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage, retrieve and store data in a Database. Mysql is too based on open source architecture and enables any user to create and design robust web application using the PHP scripting languages. Besides its robust nature and efficiency to handle multiple connections simultaneously it is used by major websites and e-Commerce portals worldwide. MYsql is popular because of its speed, reliability and flexible nature.

PHP MYsql in Developing Dynamic Websites

PHP Mysql has been industry leading combination to design and produce high quality dynamic websites that can be used for large user base. Wit its ability handle large amount of connections at a single point of time it is least prone to crashes and hacks. Easy to use and with less operating cost you can use PHP MYsql for almost any amount and kinds of works either for small business website or large e-commerce portals. Besides that, tons of free open source scripts and software are too available in PHP which will enable any novice person to create and design high quality web based applications in no time.

PHP is enhanced version of C and Perl but is written in easy to understand language which enables any user to understand the core working structure of PHP Mysql.

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